Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nothing In This World Worth Having Comes Easy - Dr. Kelso

Hiii! xD

This isn't exactly my first blog. My first one was created by my previous English tutor, who wanted all his students to write blogs. Basically, the purpose was to help us enhance our writing skills and maybe the breadth of our vocabulary.

My second one was inspired by
Viv Chan (b/c her blogs are so interesting to read ^__^); but that blog of mine was just one post and that was it... a pretty lame attempt, isn't it? =/

Ahh it's so admirable to see people who consistently update their blogs and yet still be on top of things academically. Even without a blog, I'm not really "on top of things", so to imagine what I'll be like if this was a regular thing.

So yeah, this is my third one, and it was inspired by my friend Jenn Wu. ^^ It was only a few weeks ago that I discovered she kept a blog. Hence this post is kind of dedicated towards her. =D

If you go to my school, you'll most likely see Jenn harassing Elaine (cheek rape), or maybe giving the occasional horny look at other cute girl victims. Or if you've been on my Facebook... =="... there are actually posts after posts after posts about the things she would like to do to me… at night... and it really isn't PG rated. She classifies it J rated... for... Jenn the Sex. ROFL ._______.

Oh but mind you, I enjoy reading them xD... if they weren’t so public. =="

Anyway, on the outside or at least on your first impression of her (sorry for my blatancy Jenn <3), she is the kind of girl who:
- instigates the image of someone who never takes things seriously.
- jokes around to an unlimited degree of inappropriateness.
- is a carefree, happy-go-lucky teenage girl.

However, after reading Jenn's blog, I realized I've learnt alot more about her in these few weeks than I ever did throughout our five years of friendship. For one, she is actually quite mature (yes jenno... "actually"... it's not my fault you keep on screaming "Tim Argall is the sex!" or "Speech Night is the sex!") =="

But yes, her posts have such depth and wisedom; it's so refreshing to see this other side of her!! And her posts have taught me so much. These are lessons, you'd really never imagine a girl who thinks everything is the sex, to teach you.

Nonetheless, she still writes about alot of random bull =P (ie. that time where she wrote about how her LG phone dropped out of her skirt pocket, and into the school toilets, and how she then had to fish it out =/... OH but she didn't write about how she tried making me touch her phone after fishing it out of the toilet)
... bitch :P jokkkesss.

Ahh and yeah that's the beauty of blogs right? It allows you to truly see the person for who they actually are, as opposed what others would see on the surface. So yes, this is my motivation to make a blog!! =D

Plus I realized most people that keep blogs have such a high EQ. Like they're so capable of releasing their emotion through words. I've come across quite a few people's blogs (people I don't know extremely well or are just mere acquaintances) and it can actually surprise you how problematic some people's lives are, especially the people you least expect because they disguise it so well.

For me, the most confronting ones are the ones that make you recognize that even really cheerful and seemingly strong people encounter hardships... and it really makes you question if they are really as strong as everyone perceives them to be.

And yeah some people might find that the bloggers, who always rant about the problems in their life, are the weaklings who have nothing else to offer; whereas the ones who ALWAYS post happy-chappy posts about the joys of their life are the stronger ones.

Personally I don't think of it that way. I think the bloggers who are able to admit to the times they've succumbed to hardships... those are probably the people who are most admirable. And yes the other reason why I'm starting a blog is because I want to be those type of people. Really, they can teach you so much about staying strong and one day I just hope I can give something back, as high unlikely it may be

But YES!! IT WILL HAPPEN, BECAUSE THERE'S MOTIVATION!!! Hence the quote from Scrubs that I used for the title of this blog "Nothing in this world worth having comes easy". Because I do want to be like those people who have the courage to say what they feel!

THEN AGAIN... I really don't have many sad and meaningful stories to offer ==" my life is so bland >.> eurghhh T____T

Yeah... hmm now I'm not
so sure if this "motivation" I speak of, is exactly enough to see me write a second post.